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Introduction to acey deucey bonus poker

Online acey deucey bonus poker is a variation of the normal draw poker game. The difference lies in the payout of four of a kind hands. There is a special payout for four aces or four deuces.

The game commences like any video draw poker game. The player buys his chips, which are credited to his account. The player then chooses the denomination of his wager. Most machines have denominations up to $1, but there are machines that offer $5 and even $10 denominations. That done the player clicks the deal button to get five cards.

The objective is to try for four aces or four deuces if possible. Hence often the player may have to choose between trying to get four aces or four deuces. For example if he is dealt two aces and a deuce it would be advisable to replace the deuce. The probability of getting four aces or four deuces is very low. It has been calculated as 0.000371. This means that less than 4 hands out of every 10,000 will be Acey Deucey hands. Hence the player also has to take a call on whether to try for Acey Deucey hands or aim for hands that have a lower payout but higher probability. For example a full house will have a chance of 9 out of 1,000 hands and a flush will have a chance of 1 out of 100 hands.

The player decides which cards he should hold by clicking on them. This is the most crucial decision and should be taken with care. Then the player clicks on the draw button to replace the remaining cards. The computer evaluates the final hand with the payout table and credits the winnings, if any, to the player’s account. If the player wants to play another game he simply clicks the re-deal button to get a fresh hand. If the player wants to change the denomination of the wager he has to follow the sequence described above again. If the player wants to discontinue playing then he should click the cash out button to collect his winnings.

The payout table of acey deucey video poker can vary for casino to casino, but is generally as described below. It begins with jacks or better that pays out as 1 to 1. Then follow two pairs that pays out at 1 to 1, three of a kind that pays out as 3 to 1, straight that pays out as 4 to 1, flush that pays out as 5 to 1, full house that pays out as 6 to 1, four of a kind (other than aces and deuces) that pays out at 80 to 1, four of a kind with aces and twos (the acey deucey hands) that pays out at 160 to 1, straight flush that pays out at 50 to 1 and royal flush that pays out as 800 to 1. The overall return for this payout table is 94.2%.



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