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Playing bonus poker deluxe is fairly simple. It uses the standard 52 card deck for a game. The game is fun and requires you to think fast, making it popular with all levels of poker players – beginners, intermediate level, and advanced players. As with all other video poker games, you play against the machine in bonus poker deluxe. The objective of the game is to create the most valuable hand combinations possible.

To begin a game of bonus poker deluxe, you place a bet of one or more credits by inserting coins into the machine. Once you have inserted the coins, you press the ‘Deal’ button. Pressing this button ensures the machine deals out the cards. You can discard one or more of the cards you have been dealt and replace it with new cards from the virtual deck.

Once this draw is complete, the machine evaluates the hand and offers a payout that is based on pre-determined list of combinations. The payouts increase in proportion to the strength of the hand. Strong card combinations ensure the highest payouts. In bonus poker deluxe, the highest payouts are for the following combinations:

  • Four of a kind (all aces)
  • Four of a kind (2s, 3s, or 4s)
  • Four of a kind (5s through to kings)

The game also has an auto-hold function, which has been designed to ensure you get the maximum payout, by allowing you to hold cards with a higher ranking. The auto-hold is a player-friendly feature and makes it easy for you, the player to create winning hands.

The other feature of bonus deluxe video poker is the double-your-money function. This feature helps increase your chances of winning large amounts of money. Remember, you can change the denomination of the coins by clicking the coin icon and either increasing or decreasing the value of the coin. The decision to increase or decrease the coin value would depend on whether you wish to wager more money or less.

The double-your-money function works in the following manner; Let’s say that you have won $5. You can either collect the money or use the double-your-money function. If you decide to double by clicking on the double icon, the machine will randomly deal a card. Let’s assume that the value of the card is 4. You are then given a chance to choose a card.

The upside of bonus video poker Deluxe is that when you opt to play online, you can play it for free as a guest at most sites. Playing for free allows you to become familiar with the different aspects of the game before you play for money.

An interesting point about bonus poker deluxe is that there is no concept of a wild card, unlike in other video poker games like deuces wild, and the maximum payout is 4000 coins.



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