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Introduction to Chase the Royal

In poker, no player discounts the value of the Royal Flush. A Royal Flush is a hand containing the following cards in a straight sequence – ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, the premium cards in a game. It gets the highest payback. This applies in video poker as well as traditional poker.

Video poker has numerous variations, one of which is called Chase the Royal. The game is about cornering for you a Royal Flush. You can play Chase the Royal in different variations of the game – 3-play, 5-play, or 10-play. You get the Chase the Royal bonus only when you bet with the maximum number of coins on all the lines.

How the Game Works

To understand how Chase the Royal works, assume that you make a maximum coin bet. The machine deals you a hand, and you try to construct a Royal Flush, as the name suggests. For instance, if you have a hand containing a pair of Queens, Jacks, or Kings, the machine gives you the option of switching the high pair with a Royal Hand consisting of three cards. You can choose not to make the switch and continue playing with your earlier hand also, the choice is yours to make.

This choice is available only when you have the above mentioned hand. You would not get that choice if you have any other hand, say a Full House. The three cards are randomly selected from the 40 available. If you decide to make the switch, then the change reflects in the other lines as well, and you are now officially ‘chasing the royal.’

More about Chase the Royal

If you are playing a 3-line game, you receive cards just like in any other game with multiple lines. You get paid based on the result of each line. While normally it is standard not to break a high pair in other forms of video poker, say bonus poker, here the reward for doing so is tempting enough to use it as a strategy to win.

If you decide to Chase the Royal then the other two cards are immediately be dealt from the remaining cards in the deck.

The biggest incentive to play the game, the 3-line game we are discussing, is the 30,000 coin jackpot that can hit you if you manage to end up with a Royal Straight Flush on all the three hands, with a 5-coin maximum bet on each of the lines. When you calculate the costs, you will see the payout is usually around 98.73%. However, add the worth of this jackpot, and you’ll end up with an official return of about 99%.

Some Tips for Chasing the Royal

When playing Chase the Royal, it is all about strategy. You must understand chasing the flush, while being the objective of the game, may not be possible all the time. The key is to use the right strategy so you can win. Here are some of the time tested tips you can follow to win when playing Chase the Royal.

  • Ignore machines with lesser payouts. Check out the 9/6 machines; you will be winning more for the same hands than the other players playing on lesser paying machines.
  • Play five coins. All winning hands are credited with wins by a factor of five except, of course, the royal flush.
  • Choose the biggest jackpot. Of course, you may have to play for quite a while and keep on plunking your coins until you hit the pot.



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