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Paymar is one of the most respected video poker experts alive today. He writes articles and other publications from all angles, including both playing and dealing cards in casinos. He also writes columns for "Card Player," "Intelligent Gambler," "The American Casino Guide" and "video poker Times."

Paymar has always had a mathematical mind. He attended Michigan Technical University where he was awarded a degree in engineering. He enjoyed gambling as a hobby and was reasonably good at it due to his mathematical skill. He also worked in the computer design industry. He began working in computer design in the 1960s. After a time, Paymar started his own company called Educational Data Systems. He left his business to start a mail order business in 1980. Then, in 1988, he changed jobs again, this time to manage a computer repair business.

In 1989, Paymar had a drastic career change when he moved to Las Vegas in order to work as a card dealer, which he did for the next five years. He began playing video poker at that time – playing the video poker machines during his breaks.

In 1992, Paymar began writing about video poker. His first written work was a directory of video poker machines and which games in which casinos offered the best opportunities for profit.

Paymar continued writing. Some of his published works include:

  • "Video Poker – Precision Play," published in 1992
  • "The Best of Video Poker Times," published in 1996
  • "The Professional Poker Dealer's Handbook," published in 1998
  • "Video Poker – Optimum Pay," published in 1998

Paymar's latest book, "Video Poker – Optimum Play" is considered one of the best books on how to play video poker. He suggests in the book that perfect play is not practical, but rather players need to aim for optimum play. He defines optimum play and describes its applications in his book.

Up until 2004, Paymar also taught poker and blackjack dealer classes at the Casino gaming School of Nevada.

From 1994 to 2006, he authored a newsletter publication called "Video Poker Times." He has produced an analysis and trainer program for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, which he named "Optimum Video Poker." It offers the fastest available game analysis and many bankroll consideration calculations. It is unique in that it is still marketed and supported by it principal developer.

dan paymar is unique as a video poker expert as he is not a professional gambler himself. Rather, he concentrates his efforts and experience in mathematics and programming into analyzing the game of video poker.Paymar now lives in New Mexico with his family.



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