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Zamzow was born on June 28, 1958. He combined Bob Dancer's "bob dancer presents WinPoker" and TomSki's VPSM products into one product. The aim was for this product to be easier to use and allow the player to go back and forth between learning the strategy and playing the practice session. The software also allows a player to input specific questionable hands for computer analysis. It provides top quality graphics. It is said to be "must-have" software as it is the most reliable strategy software on the market. Zamzow and Dancer created this software tool together, with Zamzow doing the actual programming of the software.

The main advantages of this software for a player (particularly a beginner player) is that, not only does it allow you to practice at home, but it also allows you to learn the mistakes you may possibly make, it can gauge your percent accuracy and allows you to determine how fast you play. Of course, the best part about it, is that you can learn all of this without ever risking any real money. And, the cost of the software should quickly pay for itself due to the money that will be saved by learning not to make costly errors while playing video poker "for real."

There are five teaching modes that are available through Zamzow's software:

  • Auto hold: Holds the cards that should result in the best-expected return for that particular play.
  • Warn: Holds the cards, but also alerts the player of an error. The player then has the option to change the cards that they are holding.
  • Test: Alerts the player to an error that they have made, but does not allow them to change your cards.
  • Show: Always shows the player the correct play (regardless of if the player has made an error or not). Player is not alerted to incorrect play.
  • None: Duplicates the casino experience. Evaluates play during practice sessions. Alerts the player as to how much money they would have lost due to specific errors. Tells the player what percentage accuracy they are achieving during play.

Zamzow's WinPoker also aims to allow the player to have fun practicing at home, not only focusing on improving their skill. It includes some "bells and whistles" that make this possible.

Some of the special features that it includes are four color suits, card backs, strategy cards and charts, hierarchy charts and strategy cards.

dean zamzow, the computer genius, has been extremely successful in what he created. His company, Zamzow Software Solutions is based in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It is simple to order his software, WinPoker, through his website Video Poker Practice.



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