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Introduction To double bonus video poker

Double bonus is a very popular video poker game since it is one of the most widely played games in dollar machines and multi-play machines. It is also played in $5 machines at times. This game is popular in places were full pay deuces wild poker games are not available.

The basic game strategy is simple. Like all video poker games, you will be dealt 5 cards by the machine. Any of these cards can be discarded as per your preference. When you have decided which cards to keep, click on the ‘hold’ button and later the ‘draw’ button. The payout is determined by the hand you have, as indicated by the machine. Check the paytable for the payouts for the winning hands. In double bonus poker, you need to hold any two pairs or better to draw to the three aces and make a flush or straight for a 4-card royal draw. However, this doesn’t include break aces. If there are hands with a lesser value, hold on to the card hand appearing first in the hand rank table displayed on the site.

However, most players find this strategy every complicated to use accurately. Nevertheless, this game is better than most 100%+ games since it is highly sought-after by players for its variations of secondary jackpots on quads. If you are playing just for fun, it is less likely that you would want to use this strategy and therefore, the game is a beautiful blend of characteristics that helps the professional players as well as game sites or casinos to make a lot of money.

The payoffs and probability chart is shown below. Check for the per-coin payoff schedule before you start playing.

Final handPayoffProbabilityContrib. %
Royal flush800.00002081.665
Straight flush50.0001130.566
Four of a kind*.00233115.411
Full house10.0111911.190
Three of a kind3.0722021.660
Two pair1.1246612.466
Jacks or better1.1923819.238
Bad hand0.567140

* In the case of four 5s thru Ks, the payoff is 50 to 1, while four 2s through 4s pays 80 to 1 and four Aces pays 160 to 1.

In double bonus poker, the long-term payback is quite good at 100.15% if you play with the right strategy. However, this game has a lot of fluctuations since the payoff is centered on four-of-a-kind hands. In the 9/6 variant of the game, the payoff is lesser at 97.5% and it is better to stay away from this game. In this game, the two pair hands comprise more than 25% of the payoff in jacks or better. At the same time, the push on a two pair pays twice than the payback by bonuses on quads. However, the short term costs are very high if you wait for quads.



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