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double double bonus poker plus

double double bonus poker plus is similar to most video poker games in its basic game strategy. The payouts are the only exception and are usually higher.

In recent times, video poker has displaced some of the top poker games as the most popular and widely-played of all casino and online games. This is largely attributed the high returns associated with these games. Moreover, these games are also popular for their credibility as the percentage of payout is displayed on the video screen of the machine. Among the video poker games, double double bonus poker plus is a relatively recent addition. These games have higher returns from other video games that they have originated from. double double bonus poker plus plays like jack and better games. However, the only exception is that it pays 80 for all four of a kind hands, excluding the 160 paid on four aces or deuces. As discussed, the payout is the only exception and you play the game like how you play double double bonus poker games.

The usual paytable in a double double bonus poker plus game is shown below:

Royal Flush8000.0000250.020063
Straight Flush500.0001060.005300
Four Aces + 2-44000.0000620.024661
Four Aces + 5-K1600.0001740.027807
Four 2-4 + A-41600.0001430.022913
Four 2-4 + 5-K800.0003840.030754
Four 5-K + A800.0001540.012280
Four 5-K + 2-K500.0014790.073944
Full House90.0108710.097841
3 of a Kind30.0753810.226143
Two Pair10.1232440.123244
Jacks or Better10.2123830.212383

Like other poker games, you would be dealt five cards by the machine. With the 5 cards, you can either choose to keep or discard any of them. When you have decided on which cards to hold, you have to click on the ‘hold’ button on your screen. After this, you would have to click on the ‘draw’ button. Here, the machine determines your payout based on the hand you have. The hands that you have discarded will be replaced after the draw. Since the payouts vary from site to site, it is recommended that you choose a machine based on its payout. Your strategy would be centred on finding ways to make the best hand possible.

The betting follows the usual video poker pattern. You can bet a maximum of 5 coins, which have a value ranging from 25 cents to 25 dollars. For the best returns, it is always a great idea to bet with the maximum of 5 coins.

double double bonus poker plus is a very simple game to play if you know the rules and the basic strategy of video poker. Hence, online gamers should have no apprehensions about playing video poker games.



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