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double pay poker is a new video poker game that is mostly played in the casinos of Nevada. In recent times, this game has gained immense popularity worldwide. It looks a lot like triple play, five play or ten play games.

The popularity of all video poker games has been attributed to the basic nature of the game where people have to use a combination of both their luck and skill to win games. In these games, there are no hidden rakes for the house and the payouts are not unpredictable. The credibility of these games is one of the primary reasons why a lot of players have switched over from conventional poker to video poker.

double pay video poker is one of these exciting video poker games that follow the same basic strategy. Each player is dealt five cards from a deck and the decision of keeping or discarding any of the cards is the player’s. double pay poker is played like triple play poker games. However, the payouts are slightly different in these games. Here, the payout is done both on the deal and the draw.

double pay poker slot machine pays both on the deal and on the draw. Half the coins that you bet are paid on the basis of how you fare at the deal. The second half is based on the strength of your final hand. In other terms, this game is a blend of a stud/draw games.

Since the payout is one twice, the value of the first draw is a lot higher. The payoffs are higher and typically, they are in the range of 12000 to 1 rather than the 800 to 1 of a regular royal flush. Since the payouts are higher, it is natural that you would need a lot of luck and skill to play this game.

The second half of the payout is standard and compares with most video poker games. You would have to check with the paytable for the pay line. Double pay games are designed for players with the urge to go for a big jackpot. The basic strategy is however the same as other video poker games, wherein players are dealt five cards by the machine. You can either choose to keep or discard any of these cards. By clicking on the ‘hold’ button, you would be confirming that you have kept a hand. And, after clicking the ‘draw’ button, the machine would decide your payout based on the hand you have. However, the stud part of the game can cost you lot of money.

A player may select from 4 games and can play either 3 play, 5 play or 10 play. The first bet would be for the draw of the hand. The second bet would be for the deal. And the third will be for the draw of the second hand, and it continues this way. If you have bet at least 2 coins on the draw and deal combined for each hand, you can start adding another coin for each hand. For a deal alone, you will be dealt a different set of cards.



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