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video poker glossary and Terms

Bankroll: The amount of money available for play.

Cash Out: This is the act of taking your money or winnings out of the video poker machine.

Credit: On a video poker machine the credit relates to the real money value. A credit is like a coin over the Internet.

Deal: The video poker deal button enables the player to request cards to be dealt when ready.

deuces wild: This is a type of video poker in which number two cards act as wild cards.

Discard: In the game of video poker, this is the action to rid oneself of unwanted cards.

Draw Poker: This is a type of poker in which a player may discard one or more of the five cards dealt in order to receive different ones instead.

Face Card: These are the royal cards – Jack, Queen and King.

Flush: This is a hand which consists of 5 cards of the same suit that are not in consecutive order.

Four of a Kind: This hand consists of four cards of the same value.

Full House: This is a hand that contains three cards that have the same numerical value and two additional cards of another denomination.

Full Pay: This refers to the best possible payout schedule for the video poker game.

Hold: This refers to cards which a player may keep rather than discarding.

Jacks or Better: This is a type of video poker in which a winning hand contains a pair of jacks or higher.

Multi-Hand: This is a type of video poker in which a player may play more than one hand at the same time.

Odds: This refers to the mathematical probability that a particular combination will appear.

Pay Off: This refers to the amount that may be won for a specific hand.

Pay Table: This is a chart that shows the winnings for each different video poker hand.

Progressive Jackpot: This refers to the prize offered which increases according to players of the same game at different online casino sites.

Royal Flush: This is a hand that consists of the cards ten, Jack, Queen King and Ace in the same suit

RNG: This random number generator is an important aspect of games such as slot machines and video poker. This is a computer chip that ensures the randomness and fairness of such games of chance.

Straight: This concerns a hand of five consecutive cards in which the suit is irrelevant.

Straight Flush: This concerns a hand of five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Three of a Kind: This poker hand consists of three cards of the same denomination, irrelevant of suit.

Two Pair: This hand consists of two separate pairs of cards, irrelevant of suit.

Wager: This refers to the bet, or the amount of money placed on the game.

Wild Card: This is a card that may substitute for any other in order to create a winning combination.



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