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jean scott is known as the "frugal gambler," a name taken from the title of her most famous book. Her main aim in the book is to give gamblers advice on how to make their betting dollar stretch further.

Scott was raised as the daughter of a minister who was taught to believe that being frugal was an important life skill. She visited Las Vegas for the first time in 1983 after retiring as a high-school English teacher. There she found her bargain kingdom!

She first honed her skills with blackjack and then with poker. She learnt the systems of the deals and the casinos. One year, she and her husband stayed in casino hotels for 191 days without paying for a single room or meal. Finally, after 15 years of practicing her skill, she learnt how to win more than she lost and wrote her first book.

"The frugal gambler" was published in 1998 and that is when Scott began to make a name for herself. She earned for herself the title "The queen of comps" with her advice on money management techniques, as well as how to find the best competitions and discounts that casinos have to offer.

She published a follow-up book in 2003, titled "More Frugal Gambling." Her principle is that the more frugal you are, in other words, the more you stretch your money, the longer you will be able to play your game. The longer you are able to play for, the better your gambling experience will be.

There are those who have been critical of Scott's techniques for frugality. She suggests in her book that players pack a doggie bag at a free buffet or do not hand in all their hotel keys when they are checking out, in order to be able to enter a free seminar that is held at a later stage. She is purported to have suggested that players raid the dumpsters outside casinos in order to find good coupons.

Scott also markets gambling videos, such as "How to Get Comps at a Casino" and "Tax Help for the frugal gambler." She has a high television profile, appearing on shows such as "The Today Show" and "48 Hours." Although she is a non-tournament gambler, she gives advice on these shows about the gaming industry. She appears primarily on the "Travel Channel."

She runs video poker classes and writes a monthly column in "Strictly Slots Magazine" and a weekly Internet column called "Frugal Fridays." She has also been featured in newspapers, magazines and on the radio.

Scott focuses her energy on giving advice for video poker and slot machine players, who tend to be either new gamblers or retiring players and therefore the players who value her advice the most. This "ordinary grandmother," as jean scott calls herself, is perhaps not so ordinary after all.



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