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lenny frome Video Poker Mathematician

Frome has focused a lot of his literature and energy into attempting to convince slot machine players to give up their game and take up video poker in its place. He advocates that with correct strategy, video poker can offer positive expectations and therefore be more rewarding than slot machines. Frome has been known to say that he wanted video poker to be named "America's National Game of Chance" because of the unique opportunities that the game offers.

Frome had a firm grounding in mathematics and began his professional career as a rocket scientist. After a time, he turned his attention to casino games. He soon developed an interest in video poker and spent his energy mastering the game. After going home from a casino one day and working out the odds, Frome decided that the game could be beaten and made it a goal of his to educate the masses about the often misunderstood and undervalued game of video poker.

Frome first put together an 8-page booklet called "50+ Tips for Video Poker." Its aim was to show strategies that look at all the possible outcomes to maximize the player's chances of winning at a game of video poker. The booklet sold so well, that Frome decided there was a need for a more comprehensive book on the subject. In 1994, Frome published a book called "Winning Strategies for Video Poker," in which he laid out a blueprint for winning the game. He detailed strategies in the book for beating over 60 of the most popular types of video poker available. His book remains one of the indispensable books for learning video poker.

Frome also wrote "Expert Video Poker for Las Vegas" in 1989 and "Expert Video Poker for Atlantic City" in 1992.

Frome is not only considered an expert in video poker. He has worked out strategies for other casino games, as well, focusing on Spanish 21, Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride. In all, Frome has written nine books on casino game strategy. He has also produced over seven hundred columns and articles; videos and software. His articles and columns appear in casino journals in every area of the United States where video poker is played.

lenny frome died in 1998. Had he lived longer, he is sure to have written dozen more books on the topic of gaming strategies for various games, particularly video poker.

His son, Eliot Frome continues to update the family website on gaming, Compu-Flyers. It is considered one of the leading online publications in the gaming world.



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