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lucky suit video poker plays like other video poker games. However, one major difference is that these games are played with a deck of 65 cards, which includes a fifth suit consisting of clovers.

lucky suit poker is played with the same video poker basic strategy. A player will be dealt 5 cards by the dealer or the machine. He can choose to either keep the cards or discard any of these cards or all of them. When he has decided which cards to keep, he has to press the ‘hold’ button. To get his discarded cards replaced, he has to hit the ‘draw’ or ‘deal’ button. The payout on the final hand will be decided based on whether the player has a winning hand. The payouts for the winning hands in lucky suit poker is listed in the table shown below:

Lucky suit royal flush40004514726380.0000020.008006
Royal Flush80015996517800.0000070.005674
Royal flush with lucky suit100395374215560.0001750.017529
Lucky suit straight flush20024145734860.0000110.002141
Straight Flush10066657721320.000030.002955
Five of a kind20083324046600.0000370.007388
Four of a kind3010024425091080.0044440.133329
Full House733139895041680.0146920.102847
Lucky suit flush102271796017480.0010070.010072
Three of a kind3198410379828960.0879640.263893
Two pair1310013068686160.1374430.137443

Since you are dealt with an additional suit of clovers, the ranking of the winning hands would not be the same as other standard games. As you see, the Royal Flush made with cards from the lucky suit has the highest payouts of 4000 to 1. Additionally, the corresponding lucky suit hands for standard winning hands have higher payouts than the latter. This is one of the unique aspects of this game that separates it from other video poker games. However, the way the hands are played would not be different and you would not have to follow a different game strategy to make the best hand possible.

The betting can be done with a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 5 coins. The payouts are proportional to the number of coins wagered and typically, 5-coin wagers have the maximum payouts for a winning hand. It is, therefore, advised that you bet the maximum for the best returns. When you have decided to stop playing, you would have to click the red ‘cash/out’ button on the video screen. After you click this button, your credits as well as your earnings will be cashed out.

In addition to basic strategy, you would require patience to win in video poker. Do not throw away your hands and if you have a bad hand, it is sensible to dump it rather than bet recklessly for greater returns.



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