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max out video poker is a video poker variant introduced quite recently. It is played like other multi-play video poker games. However, there is a small difference. In this game, the ranking of one hand is higher than usual. At the same time, the payouts for other hands are a lot higher. To understand it better, you can take a look at the table given below.

max out poker is played with the basic video poker strategy. You will be dealt 5 cards and you can either choose to keep them or discard them. You can get the discarded cards replaced after the draw by clicking on the ‘draw’ or the ‘deal’ button. To confirm that you have kept a hand, you will have to click on the ‘hold’ button. Based on the hand you have, your payouts will be determined by the machine or the dealer. Your strategy would be centred on making the best winning hand possible as other video poker games.

In max out video poker, you would play with the regular 1 to 5 coins as wagers initially. When you play with coins 6-8, you will have to buy additional hands. These hands will be determined more liberally by the paytable. The additional hands will be played with the same cards that the player holds at the draw. In simpler terms, Max Out is played like a multi-play video poker game.

Typically, a player bets higher on coins 1 to 5 on the heavily weighted big hand. The cards in this are bigger. Coins 6 to 8 are wagered on the small hands and traditionally, the payout for the maximum of 8 coins is calculated as 5*(big hand return) + 3*(small hand return). This is the total pay. If you are looking to analyze the returns, this total pay value has to be used. To calculate the returns, you would have to use the formula probability*(total win)/8.

The payout table for max out poker played like Jacks or Better is shown below.

HandBig-Hand PaySmall-Hand PayTotalCombinationsProbabilityReturn
Royal flush8002000100006113743320.0000310.038339
Straight Flush5012562524440090040.0001230.009579
4 of a Kind2550275470118213960.0023580.081072
Full House717862286364740840.011470.123304
3 of a kind332414735321070360.0739230.22177
Two pair221625509021345720.1279720.255945

The basic game plan would be bet with the maximum number of 8 coins. It has been found that the returns on using 8 coins were found to be higher than those of traditional games played with 5 coins. The returns with 8 coin wagers were found to be 0.4% higher, on an average.



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