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nevada bonus poker is not played in all casinos and is extremely rare. In this game, a premium is paid if you have three and four aces.

The basic game strategy of nevada bonus video poker is the same as other video poker games. The dealer or the machine will deal you 5 cards. Any of these cards or all of them can be discarded by the player based on his choice of hand. If he has decided on which cards to keep, he will have to click the ‘hold’ button. On hitting the ‘draw’ button, the cards that the player discarded will be replaced with new cards. The new hand formed with the new cards will be the player’s final hand. The machine will determine the payout based on the winning card that the player has. The base payout system followed in most sites is shown below. There are two variants of nevada bonus poker – the 9/7 and the 10/8. The payouts for each variant are listed in the tables.

The 9/7 Paytable

Royal flush8004601864280.0000230.018469
Straight flush10025208876520.0001260.012647
Four aces20046851308760.0002350.047008
Four 2-K25420713535960.0021110.052765
Full house92121433435440.0106430.095784
Three aces61646973069240.0082620.049575
Three 2-K312907127166840.0647520.194255
Two pair123806661678640.1194320.119432
Jacks or better139527387096760.1982990.198299

The 10/8 Paytable

Royal flush8004287070440.0000220.017206
Straight flush10027015982200.0001360.013553
Four aces20045704044680.0002290.045857
Four 2-K25417378215160.0020940.052347
Full house102100289137120.0105370.105366
Three aces61585293937440.0079530.047718
Three 2-K312766195096920.0640450.192134
Two pair123494678675560.1178670.117867
Jacks or better138484919584000.1930690.193069

One of the major drawbacks of this game is its low returns. Although it can compare with many other video poker games in the payouts, it offers the lowest returns among all the double bonus games. In general, the payout for 10/8/5 is 200:1 for quad Aces and 100:1 for a straight flush, 25:1 for all other quads and 6:1 for three Aces. The returns are 97% and 98.78% for the two variants.

nevada bonus video poker is played like Jack and Better. However, the only difference is in the payout for three and four aces as shown in the tables. You should look to make the best winning hand possible based on the ranking of the hands listed in the table. The betting is done with a maximum of 5 coins, and for the best returns, you would want to bet with the maximum whenever you are playing.



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