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Learning to Play pay the aces video poker

pay the aces video poker plays like any other video poker game. However, the payouts are different from other video poker games. You would receive bonuses if you have an ace hand on the draw, with no face cards.

Ideally, you play with a 52 card deck and the dealer or the machine deals 5 cards to you. You can choose to either keep or discard any or all of these cards. On the deal, your discarded cards will be replaced once you hit the ‘draw’ or ‘deal’ button. If you have decided to keep a hand, you need to hit the ‘hold’ button on the machine. The hand that you have will be judged by the machine and if you have a winning hand, you will receive a payout based on the paytable. The payline for winning hands is not the same in all sites or machines. You would want to check the paytable on the machine before you start playing. One important aspect that could go against this game is its payout. Typically, the payout is around 79%. However, there are no doubts about the excitement facet of the game. It offers wholesome entertainment whenever you play.

The basic strategy of pay the aces video poker is simple. You must look for aces as much as possible. Try to make a hand with aces and no face cards if you wish to earn attractive bonuses. The pay schedule is a tad strange in this game as you would be paid instantly for ace hands. Although the payout is not 100%+, you still would love to play this game for the bonuses alone. And, most players are always on the prowl for the huge 7500 coin bonus. For the maximum wager, the payout is as follows.

One Ace w/ no Faces ________5 coins

Two Aces w/ no Faces______ 10 coins

Three Aces w/ no Faces____ 250 coins

Four Aces w/ no Faces_____7500 coins

Royal flush (RF) Dealt______5000 coins

The payout for Pay the Aces base game is shown below

Royal flush8005393328120.0000270.021646
Straight flush5023313370080.0001170.005848
Four A8038863706160.0001950.015598
Four 2-440104491233240.0005240.020968
Four 5-K25320392516680.0016070.040183
Full house82263421650320.0113550.090840
Two pair125150994942400.1261760.126176

The betting pattern is the same as other video poker games. The only difference will be in the bonus coins awarded in addition to the regular earnings if you make an ace hand with no face cards. You can bet from 1 coin to 5 coins. And if you are looking for the best returns, the maximum wager of 5 coins is always recommended.



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