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Modes of shockwave video poker

shockwave video poker is a very unique variant of video poker. There are two modes of gaming in shockwave games. One is the normal mode and the other is the Shockwave mode, which is started when a player has a four of a kind hand.

Basically, Shockwave mode starts along with the next play. It extends for ten plays or till you receive another 4 of a kind hand, depending on which occurs first. The payout in the two modes is one of the primary differences. Usually, the maximum bet in Shockwave mode will earn you 800 to 1 for a 4 of a kind hand.

The strategy that is adopted in the normal mode will not be as aggressive as when you are playing in the Shockwave mode. The table below is a payout structure of the two predominant modes in a shockwave video poker game for a 12/8/5 variant.

12/8/5 Shockwave - Normal Mode

Royal flush8004311066000.0000220.017302
Straight Flush10025201540680.0001260.012643
Four of a Kind25457580884560.0022960.057389
Full House122227508011440.0111750.134098
Three of a kind314129650889160.0708850.212655
Two pair124519474542520.1230080.123008
Nonpaying hand0114353205010200.5736810

12/8/5 Shockwave - Shockwave Mode

Royal flush8003998269680.000020.016047
Straight Flush10021541977240.0001080.010807
Four of a Kind800521579497680.0026172.093306
Full House121359470694960.006820.081841
Three of a kind316640967301200.0834840.250451
Two pair119220120370000.0964230.096423
Nonpaying hand0113569067575200.5697470

Like other poker games, you will be dealt 5 cards by a dealer or the machine. You can choose to keep or discard any of the cards or all of them. You would receive a replacement card for each of the cards you discard. The payout is made after the machine indicates a winning hand on the video screen. The hands are played based on their corresponding payouts displayed on your screen. It is recommended that you find out the pay line of the winning cards before you start playing.

When you have decided which cards to discard and which ones to keep, you have to press the ‘hold’ button on the video screen, followed by the ‘draw’ button. In certain cases, the hold and draw buttons are combined. When you have pressed the draw button, you will receive your payout if you have a winning hand.

The betting is done with a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 5 coins. Players who look to make the maximum winnings usually bet with the maximum of 5 coins. The payouts for a winning hand will vary depending on the number of coins you have bet.



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