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Hughes began producing cards, used by video poker players, in 1997. They became some of the most popular cards in use. Jean Scott, author of "the frugal gambler" and "More Frugal Gambler" once told Hughes "your cards are in player's pockets. Not in their dresser drawer like some other cards."

Hughes discontinued his skip hughes Cards in 2000 due to other business concerns, however due to their popularity and increased pressure that was placed on him, he recently released "Frugal Strategy Cards" in cooperation with Jean Scott and Jim Wolf. These cards were designed for recreational players who aim to win, not for the professional player (although many of them may find them useful as well). The cards are said to be the most usable cards in video poker strategy that are available. They are the easiest to read, learn and to use compared to other cards that are on the market.

Hughes coined the phrase "Not-So-Ugly" deuces video poker. He did this in order to differentiate it from full pay deuces. Full-pay deuces pays back 100.76 percent with perfect play strategy, while the ugly versions only pay back 98.91 percent and less. (In fact, Hughes originally termed the phrase not-so-ugly ducks which then became known as NSU ducks. Hughes has been known to have said that not-so-ugly ducks sounded a bit corny and therefore his "phrase" is now known as NSU deuces or not-so-ugly deuces.)

He publishes a monthly magazine, named "Video Poker Player," together with John Kelly, which is delivered via e-mail to those that subscribe. If one subscribes to "Video Poker Player," (or VPP) this also includes membership to his Video Poker Mail Group and both are said to be well worth the cost of the subscription. VPP includes information on where the best machines are to be found in the casino world and which new machines can be found on the casino floors. It dedicates sections to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as providing sections to the current top casino and a pick of the month for the best deals to be found. He also spends some time profiling casinos, including information on the dining, rooms and entertainment. Hughes also discusses other smaller casinos in the gaming world so that players can have their pick from a wide variety of options.

VPP particularly excels in the area of tips for video poker strategy. The advice that it provides, includes reviews of the game, discussion of best play and a strategy card for players to use. These strategy cards are particularly useful for the recreational player and help them to choose the best plays in order to win their game.



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