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Racetrax offered to US Tribal Land Casinos

Racetrax, the popular race is now available for casinos in the Indian American online market.

The private gaming network Tribal Gaming links Indian Casinos across the US and offers Class III. Class II and progressive games. Tribal Gaming is operated by Atlantis Internet Group Corp (ATIG) who has recently entered into an agreement with the Australian company Tabcorp, to supply the Racetrax racing game via Tribal Gaming Network. This agreement is the first time when Racetrax is played outside Maryland, in the US.

Tabcorp developed Racetrax game, which is very popular throughout the world. It’s already reached Denmark, Croatia and Sri Lanka while in the Australian states Victoria and New South Wales it’s offered by Tabcorp venues. The popularity of the game is owed to the excitement of car racing combined with the simplicity and payouts of a simple numbers game like Keno. It offers players the chance to win real money on virtual car races and, as well as fix returns on bet types like Win, Place, Quinella and Trifecta.

Racetrax is expected to go online in the autumn of 2011, and it will be available at the terminals in tribal land casinos. The terminals will also be linked in 28 states. The came can also be found in trucks stops, cyber cafes and smoke shops in the Indian lands across the US and will also be distributed to all eligible retail locations through the casinos’ intranet and satellite television.

According to the CEO and President of ATIG, TGN will offer the Indian casinos in the US the exciting jackpots and entertainment with games like Racetrax, as no federal or state legislation passed to offer nationwide games via the Intranet. David Aftenborough, the Chief Executive of Tabcorb stated that he was pleased to see the Racetrax game in the Indian casinos throughout the US.

There are other games offered by Tribal Gaming Network, such as TGN Poker, Thunderball Lotto, Quarterback Draw Football, progressive jackpot slots, live dealer games, tournament games and various online casino games. Racetrax game will be soon joining them.



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