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Triple Bonus plays like Double Bonus and double double bonus variants of video poker. In this game, a full house consisting of three Aces can be broken up. At the same time, the deuces are retained.

In triple bonus video poker, the average earning on Ace-Ace-Ace-2 is approximately 96 coins if you have bet with the maximum of 5 coins. This is much greater than the return of 78 if you are holding only Aces.

triple bonus video poker is basically a three hand video poker game that can be played free in certain casinos. The strategy employed here is similar to jacks or better video poker. However, the value of 4 of a kind hands is more than in Jacks or Better games. To compensate for this, the value of Flush and Full House hands is reduced.

Like most video poker games, you will be dealt 5 cards from a 52-card deck by the dealer or the machine. You can choose to keep all the 5 cards or discard any of the cards or all of them. If you have discarded any card, you will receive a replacement at the draw. The payout for a winning hand is made after the machine verifies if you have a winning hand. When you have decided which cards to discard and which ones to keep, you have to press the ‘hold’ button on the video screen, followed by the ‘draw’ button. In certain cases, the hold and draw buttons are combined. When you have pressed the draw button, you will receive your payout if you have a winning hand. The winning hand is shown on the video screen. In certain machines, though, the winning hand is not displayed. In such cases, check the pay structure to determine a winning hand. Your strategy should focus on making the best possible winning hand and the hands are played based on their corresponding payouts displayed on your screen. It is recommended that you find out the pay line of the winning cards before you start playing.

The standard pay structure of the triple bonus video poker variant is shown below:
Royal flush8005134600560.0000260.020607
Straight flush10023592799560.0001180.011836
4 aces24046903904640.0002350.056473
4 2-4120105173514240.0005280.063315
4 5-K50324753495840.0016290.081460
Full house92164336554240.0108580.097721
3 of a kind314999785551240.0752500.225750
Two pair124532157004120.1230720.123072
Jacks or better142176666352240.2115900.211590
The betting is done with a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 5 coins. Players who look to make the maximum winnings usually bet with the maximum of 5 coins. The payouts for a winning hand will vary depending on the number of coins you have bet.



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