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ultra bonus video poker Instructions

ultra bonus poker game plays like Double Bonus games. The only basic difference is in the pay structure for winning hands.

In most video poker variants, it has been observed that the basic difference is only in the pay structure. Gamers who are not satisfied with the paylines for a winning hand in one variant can try a new variant for better returns. Moreover, they do not have to learn a new strategy every time they play a new video poker variant. The basic strategy of video poker games is the same. A player has to try and make the best possible winning hand each time he plays a hand.

The game starts when a player is dealt 5 cards from a 52-card deck by the dealer or a machine. The player is offered the choice of either keeping or discarding any of the cards or all of them. When he decides to keep a hand, he needs to hit the ‘hold’ button to confirm that he has held the cards. The discarded cards will be replaced at the draw when the player clicks the ‘draw’ or the ‘deal’ button. In some machines, the ‘hold’ and the ‘draw’ button may be combined. After you receive replacements for all your discarded cards, you need to make a winning hand from the new cards. The hand that you make is final and the machine will indicate if you have a winning hand on the video screen. The payout will depend on the kind of winning hand that you have. All machines will display a base pay structure that you can refer before playing the game. Since certain machines do not indicate a winning hand, it is recommended that you check the payline for winning hands to know if the hand you are holding is a winning combination.

Typically, the betting is done with coins in video poker. You have the option of betting 1 to 5 coins, where 5 is the maximum. The payouts for a winning hand will vary based on the number of coins you have wagered. Ideally, the payouts are the maximum for the maximum wager of 5 coins. If you are confident, you should look to bet 5 coins as much as possible. The base pay structure of ultra bonus poker games is shown below:

Royal flush8005252847120.0000260.021082
Straight flush5020683245840.0001040.005188
4 aces40047319537480.0002370.094956
4 2-4160108009543120.0005420.086697
4 5-K50322668154080.0016190.080937
Full house82095640540280.0105130.084106
3 of a kind214981337705000.0751580.150315
Two pair124407928053640.1224480.122448
Jacks or better142095351754360.2111820.211182

When you wish to stop playing, you can hit the red ‘cash/out’ button. In doing so, your credits and earnings will be cashed out.



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