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VIP treatment at Cabaret Casino

Caberet Casino invites players to become VIPs to take advantage of its generous Loyalty Club and exclusive VIP offers.

VIP members of the Cabaret Club are not only members of one of the leading online casinos, they are also members of one of the most bountiful loyalty programmes in the industry.

Once a player registers as a VIP at Palace Group, of which Cabaret Casino is a member, they will receive a bonus of 500 free credits to use at the casino of their choice.

VIP members also automatically gain entry for one month to the Platinum Tier of the Loyalty Club. This tier, which is the highest tier in the Loyalty Club, offers a 40% bonus to players who earn over 10000 Club points.

Furthermore, if a player increases their loyalty balance within this one month period, they earn an extra 40% bonus and can remain in the Platinum tier after the period has expired.

In addition to these handsome loyalty rewards, Cabaret Casino ensures it always offers top prizes and helpful 24 hour customer support.

Cabaret Casino is powered by software from Microgaming.



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