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what is video poker?

The origins of the game of video poker are rooted in the popular poker game. Many believe that seeds for the video poker machines were sewn in the coin operated machines of the late nineteenth century. These early poker machines, considered a form of slot machine, featured poker cards that appeared on five reels.

With technological advances and the innovation of the computer chip, the birth of the video poker machine took place at around the same time as the personal computer. During the 1980s, video poker became more widespread in land based casinos, as many people found this to be a less daunting prospect than approaching a regular poker table with all its pressures.

In video poker, it is the player versus the machine. There is no need to be concerned with other players and there is also no bluffing involved here. This is you against the computer. In this game, one may just concentrate on the game and enjoy the privacy of playing alone.

The current game of video poker available now via the Internet is viewed as a cross between the game of five card draw poker and a slot machine. Today, video poker has proved itself to be a very popular form of online casino entertainment and exists in several different forms.

Video poker is a game in which you choose how much to bet and then place your wager. You then receive 5 cards which are shown on the screen. The choice of which cards to discard and which to keep lies with you. The discarded cards are then replaced by the user-friendly video poker machine.

The video poker machine displays a payout table so that a player is aware what credits may be obtained for which type of hand. This is an easy game to play and it is also simple to adjust to playing online. The video poker machine provides instructions for you along the way. For example, when you see the words 'bet' or 'deal' on your screen, this is the action which should take place next in order to continue with the game. All in all, video poker provides good entertainment and chances to win real money prizes.

There is no pressure to provide a quick response. This game is rather like playing on a slot machine and yet you do have some control on the outcome of the game.

Players will find that random computerized cards are dealt in these attractive games. One should look at details on the screen of each game carefully, as payout at different video poker games does vary.

Several different types of video poker have made their way to the online gambling arena. These include features such as wild cards, special bonuses, real money winnings and even progressive jackpot prizes.

This game has taken the online casino world by storm and the popularity of different variations on the same theme suggests that video poker will continue its success story.



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