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ace invaders is a three-line video poker game created by International Gaming Technology. The hand in the bottom line plays like draw poker. But the aces in the top two lines replace the cards in the lines below and enhance the value of the hands.

The player begins the game by selecting his wager amount and then clicking to deal the bottom hand of five cards. This is a draw poker hand. The player selects the cards he wants to hold by pressing the appropriate mechanical buttons or the touch screen mechanism. Then he presses the draw button to change the remaining cards. It is then the action begins. The cards in the bottom row are changed. The top two rows are dealt. The aces, if any, in the top row replace the card immediately below them in the second row, while retaining their position in the top row. The interesting part is that this change takes place only if the change increases the hand value as per the poker rankings. Then the aces in the second row make their move. This includes the aces originally dealt in the second row plus the aces copied from the first row. These aces replace the card immediately below them in the third row while retaining their position in the second row. Again this change takes place only if the change increases the hand value as per the poker rankings. Then all three hands are paid out as per predetermined payout tables.

There are some additional features to be noted. The bottom two hands can hold five aces. This is because a separate deck is used to deal each line. Also a royal flush that is dealt in the upper two hands (sometimes called stud hands) automatically falls to the hands below. So if you are dealt a royal flush in the top hand you are in for a bonanza. Aces can fall in multiple ways and the program checks all possible ways and selects that which gives the player the highest ranking hands.

The payout table is so designed as to encourage players to place the maximum bet, which is 5 coins per line or 15 coins in all. For a wager of 15 coins a royal flush will pay 800 times the bet, that is 4000 coins. If a player places a maximum bet on one or two lines (but not on all three) then he will be paid 250 times the bet on lines on which he has placed maximum bets. Otherwise he will be paid 200 times the bet for a royal flush. Some of the other payouts for the maximum bet of 5 coins on each line are given below. Five aces pays 500 times the bet, a straight flush and four aces pay 50 times the bet, a full house pays 10 times the bet and jacks or better pays 1 times the bet. The payout table will vary slightly from casino to casino. The return offered on ace invaders is 99.92% for the best payout table.



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