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Introduction to double joker video poker

double joker video poker follows the same basic strategy of other video poker games. However, the great thing about of this game is in the fact that two joker substitute for wild cards in the deck.

All video poker games follow the five card draw rule. Joker poker is no exception. In all of these games, you must make the best hand possible from the 5 cards dealt by the machine. You can either keep these cards or discard any of them. Once you have decided and placed a bet, you need to hit the ‘hold’ button to keep the ones you intend to. After this, you have to click the ‘draw’ button, where the cards you discarded will be replaced. If you have a winning hand, you will be paid out based on the paytable that is displayed on the video screen. The payouts may vary from site to site and according to the number of coins you have bet with.

In double joker poker, the joker can substitute for any card with any suit or rank. This card will help you make the winning hand. When you receive one joker or more, the corresponding value and the suit of the joker is assigned to it. Based on this, the payout is also determined. Through this method, it would be an easy task to make a winning hand.

double joker video poker is played usually with a 54-card deck, which is re-shuffled after every hand. A description of the winning hands that you can make with a joker substituting for other cards is discussed below.

When you have to make a Natural Royal Flush, which is the highest poker hand, it is essential to have face cards and a 10 in the same suit. However, you can complete this highest hand if you can replace one of the hands with an equally suited Joker.

In a five of a kind hand, you can substitute a single joker or two jokers to complete the hand. For instance, you can have a 3 3 3 3 and a Joker or a 3 3 3 and two jokers.

For a straight flush, you would need five sequential cards of the same suit. In this type of hand, you can replace one of the cards with a joker. For instance, you can have a 2 3 4 5 of spades and a Joker.

Similarly, for four-of-a-kind hands, you can substitute a joker for one of the cards e.g. 7 7 7 and a Joker.

In a full house, you would need three cards of one denomination and two of another denomination. The replacement can be done if you do not have one card of a particular denomination.

The same process is followed for a flush, a straight, a three of a kind or two pairs. In each of these cases, a single joker or more can substitute for other cards based on the suit and value.



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