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Learning To Play deuces wild Video Poker

Introduction to deuces wild Video Poker

There are a number of variations to video poker. The deuces wild variation gives you a better chance of getting the hand you want through the use of wild cards. As the name suggests, the two-card is the wild card. Whenever you add the wild card to a game of poker, whether traditional or electronic, the odds change to allow for more hands to be won.

How To Play deuces wild Video Poker

As with other video poker games, deuces wild too starts with the standard five-card draw. You then decide which of the five you want to retain for a winning hand. At this point, hold any deuces you get as they are the wild cards and can be used as aces. Press the hold button in front of the cards you want to keep. Next, press the deal button.

Pressing the deal button helps you exchange the discards for new cards. The new cards now make up your winning hand. The machine analyzes any poker combinations you may now have and adds the correct amount of credits to your game. The statistics change with the addition of the wild deuces.

deuces wild begins paying out only if your hand is a three of a kind hand or larger. The royal flush is the highest hand you can have in this game. Since the wild card gives you a greater chance of winning, you can expect to see four of a kind more often, giving you the maximum payout on the machine.

Each machine is analyzed based on the different hand variations it can accomplish and the pay table is adjusted accordingly. To ensure you win more, it is a good idea to familiarize with the pay tables for each machine. Learning how to read the pay tables gives you the best chance of winning a better hand and thereby increasing your winning frequency.

Some Tips to Playing deuces wild Video Poker Better

In video poker the advantage is always in favor of the machine, not you. So how do you ensure you have the advantage over the machine? Here are a few tips and strategies to follow, so you increase your chances of winning at deuces wild.

  • First, never get rid of a two card! The two is the wild card that you can use to construct a strong winning hand. There are times you may, at the beginning let go of a two-card by mistake, because you are not totally familiar with the game. You will have to learn fast, and ensure you do not make that kind of mistake at all, if possible. It can be a costly mistake and cause you to lose.

  • Second, it is best to get rid of any pairs unless they are twos. You need to do that because the game pays out only for a hand of three of a kind or higher, as mentioned earlier. In that scenario, the pair cards, unless they are twos, would just be dead weight. It would also stop you from having a possible four of a kind hand.

  • Third, if you find you have a card flush of four cards or a possible straight hand, keep the pair cards instead. Finally, take a look at the machine‚Äôs pay table. If it cannot give you five to one pay on a four of a kind, leave that machine and find another one that can!



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