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five aces video poker is a variant of video poker where, as the name suggest, five aces make money. The fifth ace will come from a star suit.

Basically, there are three variations of five aces video poker – Bonus, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus. The payouts for five aces bonus poker will be based on the regular bonus pay table that starts from jack or better hands. However, there is an additional pay structure for five aces. In a lot of machines, this variant is referred to ‘Jack or Better’.

The double bonus variant is based on the double bonus pay structure. However, it starts at aces or better and there is a special payout for five aces.

The Double Double Bonus variant follows a double double bonus poker pay structure. You would need a hand with aces or better and will be paid out for five aces as well.

The pay structure for a common variant of five aces video poker – 7/5 Bonus is shown below.

Five aces12002431766640.000010.011877
Royal Flush8005586930480.0000230.018192
Straight Flush10026292170760.0001070.010701
Four A80253368422640.0010310.082501
Four 2-440119552415840.0004870.019464
Four 5-K25366233419200.0014910.037266
Full House72701953273240.0109970.076982
Three of a kind319856381669040.0808190.242458
Two pair130314922145560.1233880.123388
Pair J-A156640648881640.2305380.230538
Non-paying hand0130164906216600.5297960

As mentioned earlier, this game plays like other video games except the fact that it pays the maximum for a five aces hand. You would be dealt an additional suit of star cards and the fifth ace will come from this suit. Your strategy should focus on making the best possible winning hand, and a five aces hand as much as possible to get the maximum of 1200 to 1.

Basically, the dealer or the machine will deal 5 cards to you. You can choose to either keep or discard them. The discarded cards will be replaced at the draw when you hit the ‘draw’ button. Prior to this, you will have to hit the ‘hold’ button to indicate that you have kept a hand. The machine will check if you have a winning hand, made from the new cards, and the payout will be done based on the paytable. You can place bets with 1-5 coins. The maximum limit is 5 coins and most players love to bet the maximum for the highest returns. The paytable may not be the same across all sites and machines. So, you would want to check this aspect before you start playing. When you wish to stop playing, you can hit the red ‘cash/out’ button to get your credits and earnings cashed out.



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