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jokers wild video poker is like other video poker games in the sense that it is a five card draw game, wherein players are dealt five cards by the machine. However, the only conspicuous difference is the addition of a joker in the deck. So, the deck will have 53 cards instead of the regular 52.

The basic game strategy of Joker wild video poker is simple. The five cards that you are dealt can be ‘kept’ or discarded based on your personal choice. After you hit the ‘hold’ button to confirm that you have kept a hand followed by the ‘draw’ button for the draw, your discarded cards will be replaced. The Joker card in these games is a wild card that can be substituted for any other card in the deck to make a good hand. The best part is the flexibility that this game offers in making winning hands. At the same time, players can also have ‘Five-of-a-kind’ hands in this game unlike a regular draw game. These hands rank next to Royal Flush hands. If you have made a Royal Flush, the Wild Royal Flush made with a joker substitute is lower than a naturally made Royal Flush, though. In these games, the payout percentage can vary from 92% to 100.64%.

Since the existence of a wild card increases the chances of making a winning hand, the payouts are not the same as in other games. In order to win in this game, you need to have at least a Two Pair. Any hand lower than that will not merit a payout.

There can be two scenarios in these games. One scenario is where you would not have a Joker card and the second is when you have a wild ‘joker’ card. Let us consider the first scenario without the joker. In this case, it is always recommended that you break a King or Aces pair only for a 3-card Royal Flush provided one of the three cards is not an Ace and your hand doesn’t include a king. At the same time, break any pair for a 4-card straight flush alone. If you have a low pair, you can break it for a 4-card flush.

Consider the second scenario with a Joker card. If you have a full-house or better, it is always recommended that you accept it. Additionally, you can keep a 5-card flush provided you do not have a 4-card Royal Flush or an open-ended 4-card straight flush. At the same time, if you have a 3 of a kind hand, break it for a 4-card straight flush. It is important to remember that a double inside draw for a straight flush is recommended only if you have the Ace. Additionally, keep an Aces or Kings pair provided that you do not have a 3-card straight flush or a 4-card flush. If you don’t have any of these hands, it is recommended that you keep a middle range card like 5-10. Otherwise, hold the joker alone and draw the remaining four cards.



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