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pick'em poker slot machine is one of the highest paying of video poker games since the variability in this game is low. In simpler terms, the fluctuations in your bankroll are not high. Pick’em poker is available in very few casinos across the world and is one of the rarest video poker games.

pick'em video poker is a recent addition to video poker and is very different from other video poker games. This is one of the primary reasons why a lot of players love this game. These games are usually played on the multi-game machines.

Pick 'em video poker is based on five card stud games. Typically, a player wagers and is dealt two cards that he cannot discard. This aspect is very different from other video poker games where players can discard one or more cards from the 5 cards they are dealt and get replacements. The player is dealt two sets of three cards after the first two cards. Here, the first card of each set is placed face up. A player can select one of the sets to make his hand. After he chooses a set, the remaining concealed cards are shown and the payout is based on the value of the hand. So, a player basically receives eight cards instead of the usual five. And the number of cards that you can see is four – two from the first deal and the two face-up cards from the two sets. You are selecting one out of two three card hands each round. In this game, a pair of nines or better is needed for a winning hand. So, the basic strategy is quite simple and the possibility of winning is a lot higher.

The typical payout structure for a Pick’em video poker game that offers 99.95% returns is shown below:

Royal Flush120052080.0000030.003411
Straight Flush239.8*476520.0000260.006237
4 of a kind1207761120.0004240.05083
Full House1843174080.0023560.042414
3 of a kind5549948480.0300150.150073
Two pair31137611520.0620880.186263
Nines of better24184441040.2283750.45675

* The reason why the payout for straight flush is often 239.8 is that when you bet with five coins at the $1 coinage, you would be paid out $1199.

The betting in Pick’em video poker is not different from other video poker games. The only difference is in its game strategy. You can bet 1 to 5 coins in this game, where 1 is the minimum and 5 is the maximum. The payouts on maximum wagers are excellent and it is always a rewarding tactic to bet with 5 coins. The payouts, however, may not be the same in all casinos or sites. Check the paytable on the video screen before you start playing.



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