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Most video poker games are similar in the way they are played. royal aces bonus poker is no different. The only difference you would notice is in the payout and the special bonus of 800 paid for four aces.

Royal Aces Bonus is a game that is characterized by its high-variance. It can pay you up to 4000 coins if you have a Royal Flush hand as well as when you have four aces. But, the catch is that you would require an aces pair to take back your money.

Additionally, two pairs also make money in this game. At the same time, the pay line for other quads and middle-level hands are equally good. However, since you would need an aces or better hand, around 70% of your hands will not make money. This is one of the primary reasons why a lot of players are apprehensive about playing this game, although it offers great excitement. In general, the return in royal aces bonus is around 98.13%, which might appear quite attractive at first glance. The base payout structure for the game is shown below:

Royal flush8004898419440.0000250.019659
Straight flush10024161476320.0001210.012121
Four A80049370033760.0002480.198142
Four 2-480105784561440.0005310.042456
Four 5-K50316608115920.0015880.079417
Full house92134481203440.0107080.096373
3 of a kind314705679528120.0737750.221324
Two pair123984340372360.1203230.120323
Pair of aces113076463182400.0656010.065601

The way the game is played is not different from other video poker games. A player will be dealt 5 cards from a 52-card deck by the dealer or a machine. You can choose to either keep the hands or discard any or all of them. The discarded cards will be replaced at the draw once you hit the ‘draw’ or ‘deal’ button. When you have decided which cards to keep, you need to hit the ‘hold’ button to confirm your hand. After the cards have been replaced at the draw, the hand that you have will be judged by the machine for a winning hand. If your hand has a minimum of ace cards, you will be paid out based on the paytable structure shown above. Your strategy should always be centred on making the best winning hand possible.

The betting is done with 1 to 5 coins, where 5 coins is the maximum wager. The payout will vary with your wager and is the best for the maximum 5-coin wager. Therefore, you would want to bet with 5 coins as much as possible to get the best returns. The value of the 5 coins can range between 25 cents to 5 dollars i.e. the value of 1 coin can range between 5 cents to 5 dollars.



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