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Super Triple Bonus is a different version of the popular Triple bonus poker game. The only basic difference in this game is the special payout for four J-K hands.

super triple bonus video poker is played like other video poker variants. The player will be dealt 5 cards from a 52-card deck by the dealer or the machine. He can decide to keep or discard any of the cards or all of them. And, the player would get a replacement card for the cards discarded. The payout is made after the machine indicates a winning hand on the video screen. However, in certain cases, the machine may not indicate this. You would have to check the pay structure for the winning hands. The hands are played based on their corresponding payouts displayed on your screen. You would want to find out the pay line of the winning cards before you start playing. The payout for winning hands starts with pairs in this game.

When you have decided which cards to discard and which ones to keep, you have to press the ‘hold’ button on the video screen, followed by the ‘draw’ button. In certain cases, the hold and draw buttons are combined. When you have pressed the draw button, you will receive your payout if you have a winning hand.

The betting is done with a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 5 coins. Players who look to make the maximum winnings usually bet with the maximum of 5 coins. The payouts for a winning hand will vary depending on the number of coins you have bet.

The base pay structure of super triple bonus poker is shown below:

Royal flush8004704530040.0000240.018881
Straight Flush8023957611560.000120.009615
Four Aces24046110905520.0002310.055518
Four J-K160118918644840.0005970.095454
Four 2-4120105139231200.0005270.063295
Four 5-1050206356011000.0010350.051762
Full House92091043738800.010490.094412
Three of a kind214934581247360.0749230.149846
Two pair124364839860640.1222320.122232
Nonpaying hand0110014880117280.5519170

Another popular version of super triple bonus poker pays marginally lesser than the base game. The returns in this case are 98.4% as compared to the 99.57% of the base game. The payout structure of the lesser paying variant is shown below.

Royal flush8004901193120.0000250.01967
Straight Flush8023360413800.0001170.009375
Four Aces24045650514840.0002290.054964
Four J-K160119064270360.0005970.09557
Four 2-4120105117198000.0005270.063282
Four 5-1050206911304400.0010380.051901
Full House92091887894160.0104940.09445
Three of a kind214942569525920.0749630.149926
Two pair124374384023680.122280.12228
Nonpaying hand0109838913699240.5510340



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