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Introduction to deuces and joker wild Video Poker

If you are looking for a better, fancier version of video poker, then deuces and joker wild is for you. This game uses the cards numbered two and a joker as the wild cards, increasing the number of wild cards you can use. Not only does that increase the excitement quotient in the game, you also have the chance to win more. With a joker and deuces as wild cards, there is a possibility of having a five-of-a-kind hand. This is a totally new game altogether.

The game changes from the regular five card draw because of the addition of the extra card. Now instead of a 52-card deck, you have one that has 53 cards. This changes the pay table in a dramatic way. Now, while the lowest hand to start the payout still remains the three of a kind, like in deuces wild video poker, the royal flush is no longer the top paying hand. The payout for a five of a kind hand is 10,000 credits on some machines. This, of course, is a result of betting the maximum on the hand.

How To Play deuces and joker wild Video Poker

When you have decided on the amount you want to bet on a hand – the best bet would be five coins – choose which cards you wish to retain and which you want to discard. Learning the payout schedule for your machine helps you decide which cards to retain so you can build a high paying hand. It is critical you know all the poker terms when you start playing the game – be it regular poker or video poker. That will help you understand the value of a hand, e.g. a straight, and help you build it on the machine, in the case of video poker.

When you play deuces and joker wild, the key strategy is to build on a royal flush, any four or five of a kind hand, or a full house. Since the deuces and the joker are wild, be mindful not to discard these by mistake. If you do not have any of the hands listed above when you start, try to weed out the dead weight cards you have and construct a hand that you can work with. It is critical not to give up hope, sometimes things can work out well in the end.

The key to finding a winning hand in deuces and joker wild is in recognizing the hands that pay the highest. Online charts can help you learn strategy and use it to enhance your game without any need to memorize them. By using a little bit of your time to learn the game and the terms, you can increase your winning ability.



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